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Our Exercise Classes

What are the costs involved in Yoga/Pilates/Pilates Equip?

Please see our pricing page for current details. But there are two basic structures to our system when you start;

Option 1: Introduction Therapy Package, which includes your initial consultation and a trial of the class type that you and your therapist work out to be the best one for you. This helps you to experience our classes and refine the best fit for you.

Option 2: Join a mat class casually or with a class pass for our mat Classes.

Then when your pass expires, you simply purchase another 1, 3, 5 or 10 class pass.

When do your classes run? Do you have any out of hours/weekend classes?

We now offer a wide range of class styles morning, noon and night! Please refer to our most current timetable here.

What do I wear & bring?

We supply all mats & equipment. All you have to do is wear something you are comfortable moving in and bring a drink-bottle (because you can never have too much water).

Do you have relaxation based classes? Or any mum and bub classes?

Occasionally we will trial new class types based on demand. Please contact us directly if you have a specific type of class you are interested in.

How do I go about joining a class?

If you want to join any of our classes, we recommend you come in for a 1:1 initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. This initial appointment allows you and your Physiotherapist to perform a detailed assessment of how you move, where your problem areas may be and to match the right exercises to your goals and desires.

There are options to just rock-up and attend the class – see the next question below.

You can call us or book online to get started.

Do I have to have an initial assessment in order to come into a class?

Not for the mat classes: Mat Pilates or Yoga.

But for the Equipment Pilates it is essential as every person works on their own program individually devised by their physiotherapist, so an initial session 1:1 is essential.

I want to attend the Mat Classes (Yoga or Mat Pilates), do I still need to have an assessment first?

New clients:

If you haven’t been to our clinic before we strongly recommend that you have an initial assessment because it’s important that we understand you, your body and your goals for the classes.

We can’t recommend the right class for you and it makes it tricky for us to modify exercises to suit you. It is definitely the best option to have a consultation first.

It will give you the chance to make the best decision for your investment in the classes as you will find out more about the exercises we offer and we can work together to match the right class to how your body moves. The way we teach the classes may be different to your experience in the past.

PLUS you will get a free trial of the classes included in this assessment cost – great value!

Private Health funds make it essential to have a pre-class assessment in order to claim a rebate on the classes from your health fund.

Current/previous clients:

If you have been to see any of our Physiotherapists before it is best you just check with us before starting the class. A completely new assessment may not be necessary, but if it’s been a long time (longer than six to twelve months) or you’ve sustained any new injuries or problems since your last visit, it is a great idea to have a session with your physio before commencing a new class series.

You can casually attend a class at the drop-in single class rate or purchase a class pass. Please contact us to book in.

Can I claim your classes back on my health fund?

Equipment Classes are eligible for health fund rebates. Exercise classes run by a physiotherapist are usually included in your physiotherapy extras cover (if you have this type of cover), but health funds require you to have attended an initial consultation with the physiotherapist prior to commencing.

After you have paid for your class pass and completed it, we can give you a copy of the dates you attended and the money you paid so that you can apply for your health fund rebate directly to your health fund.

Physiotherapy Appointments

Do you do massage?

Yes - if that's what you need. Our Physiotherapists are skilled manual therapists who will complete an assessment and determine the cause of your issue. Our Physiotherapists are proficient in massage as well as a wide range of other techniques including dry-needling. After a thorough assessment we use a range of techniques to achieve the desired outcome. If you have a preference for massage, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Does it matter what health fund I am with?

There are many factors which determine which private health fund you should choose – please speak to your financial advisor for the best advice for you.

Do you have EFTPOS and HICAPS?

We have a HICAPS machine for direct claiming through participating health funds.

What is the preferred provider scheme? And are you a member?

Private health funds sometimes set up “preferred provider schemes”: a purely financial arrangement entered into between the health service provider (i.e. physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist) and the Private Health Insurance Company. It is in no way a reflection of the education level, skill or expertise of the provider, or the quality of service.

Our professional association, The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), does not endorse the practice of Preferred Provider Schemes. In fact, the APA is so concerned that they made a submission to the ACCC stating;

The APA is further concerned that contractual arrangements between Australian physiotherapy clinics and health funds create a balance of power, especially in negotiating fees for service. Physiotherapists who join as preferred providers have to accept restrictions on fees for service in return for higher benefits paid to the client by the health fund. Physiotherapists also elect to abide by the treatment descriptors stipulated by the health funds but since the health funds often allow for a limited scope of treatments, patient quality of care could well be compromised by participating in such arrangements.

Therefore, you will not find us on any preferred provider schemes. We hope this information helps you to choose a health service provider who is right for you.

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You can call us during business hours to book your consultation or classes or you can book here. If the times shown online do not suit, please phone us