Exercise Therapy

Our therapeutic exercise classes are designed for you to strengthen your body and improve the ease in which you move. We have a range of small (maximum 4-5 people) to moderate size (10-12) group classes.

During your initial consultation with your Physiotherapist, we discuss your health and wellness goals and determine the best class fit for you. All of our classes have the common aims of helping you to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve strength
  • Generally move and feel better!
  • Retraining better movement patterns.
  • Teaching you how to activate your true ‘core’ muscles effectively.
  • Helping you to ‘switch-off’ tight and overactive muscles.
  • Mindful movement – learning to breathe well and move a rhythmical and continual nature becomes a meditation in itself.
  • Challenge your strength and control
  • Encourage good breathing patterns
  • Assist in focus and concentration
  • Introduce you to the benefits of meditation and relaxation

Classes are designated as “Mat” classes or “Clinical Pilates Classes” (formerly referred to as Equipment Pilates) for the purpose of our class pass types. You can attend casually or purchase a class pass for increased value and ease. Passes are either “mat” passes, or “clinical pilates” classes and can be used for any classes of that same type - these are colour-coded on our downloadable timetable. Here you will also find a more detailed description of the specific class types.

Bookings for all classes are essential as spaces are limited.

Some Mat Classes are run as courses or during the school term only (* in the timetable).

Please contact us if you have requests for specific classes or times as we regularly review and update our timetable in relation to demand.


We offer two main types of Pilates classes: Equipment classes utilising our impressive range of modern Pilates equipment (Allegro reformers, Tower, Spring-board and EXO chair) or mat-based classes with smaller equipment such as foam rollers, chi-balls & gymballs. Pilates helps by:

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Should I choose Mat Classes (Mat Pilates or Yoga) vs Clinical Pilates Classes?

All equipment classes are run by a qualified Physiotherapist and groups are maxed out at 5 participants. These classes involve a pre-class assessment and clinical notes and are therefore are eligible for a health fund rebate (check with your health fund). You will get 1:1 time within the session for your individual program to be modified and advanced by our skilled therapists.

Mat classes are run by Physiotherapists and Yoga classes are run by experienced physiotherapists or Yoga Teachers. Classes are maxed out at 12 participants. These are group or circuit classes where the class completes a similar program, with appropriate modifications made where necessary.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates uses our range of Allegro Reformers. Formerly called "Equipment Pilates" the exercises in these classes are designed 100% for your individual needs on a case by case basis. They are usually the best place to start as the equipment gives your body more support while presenting a variety of demands. These classes are also small (maximum 4-5) so you get plenty of attention. You will complete your own tailor-made program supervised by your Physiotherapist.

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Mat Pilates

Mat classes are great because the exercises use minimal or no equipment and you can do them at home. For the mat classes it helps if you can get on and off the floor, as all exercises are done on the mat. There are a maximum of 10-12 people per class following a general program specifically designed for that group, but which can be skilfully modified to different needs and challenges. Classes are run by a Physiotherapist or well trained Pilates Instructor. Our classes differ in their challenge levels from basic to advanced. Check our timetable for the available classes and speak to one of our friendly team for the best class for you.

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Independent Pilates

Available to clients once they have completed at least one 10-class pass. By this stage you might be comfortable enough with your program so you can book in to use our beautiful studio and equipment for an hour to complete your program independently. This is a very cost effective way to still gain benefits from Pilates. Why not book into the monthly equipment class or have a Pilates Consult with your Physiotherapist to review your program and keep you challenged?

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Our Yoga is a little stronger and more dynamic so it is a fantastic progression to our Pilates programs. Our PhysiYoga Foundation Sequence utilises a range of yoga postures for a full body stretch and strengthening session. Each posture has many variations to allow people of all levels to participate in the class. There may be some Pilates added in to improve your strength and control too. Our Yoga classes are designed to:

The general class structure includes the suryanamaskar (sun salutations) and a selection of postures from twelve mini ‘series’. Each class draws postures from each series, and these postures may differ week to week. Postures are held up to nine breaths. Progressions and modifications are applied throughout the class wherever necessary.

To find out which class you should start with, we highly recommend you make an appointment at our clinic so that we can see how your body moves and discuss your individual needs.

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